Costa Rica’s currency is the colon and USD is also widely accepted, even in the smallest neighbourhood stores.

Most banks have ATM machines which accept international cards. You may want to check with your home bank for international transaction charges and also if your pin needs to be converted in order to be used in Costa Rica.

State Banks

  • Banco Nacional
  • Banco de Costa Rica
  • Bancredito
  • Banco Popular

Private Banks

  • BAC San Jose
  • Scotiabank
  • Citi group
  • HSBC

Credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express are widely accepted.


Costa Rica is very affordable. The average wage is $2-3/hour. Local products are inexpensive, yet imported items tend to be fairly expensive, sometimes more than North American standards.

If you choose to live or holiday in Costa Rica, it is wise to purchase locally made products. A couple can easily live on $1500 per month.

Here are some recent prices in USD:

•Costa Rica has a literacy rate of 97%.

•Second language is English which starts in Kindergarten at most schools.

Electricity is the same as in North America: 2 to 3 prong plugs and 110V current. If you travel from Europe, please bring your own adapter. These are hard to find in Costa Rica. Power surges and power outages happen often, especially during the rainy season.

These outages usually do not last very long and it is best to always bring a flashlight.

3 Ways to Finance your property purchase

1. Equity financing: in your home country against existing assets.

2. Vendor financing: Often Vendors assist with short term 1-3 yr financing of property purchase. Interest rates and payment terms are negotiable. The objective is to assist you to purchase a property and give you enough time to re-finance through other sources. Interest rates are usually higher than bank rates.

3. Costa Rica bank financing: Costa Rica banks provide residential and commercial mortgages, very similar to North American standards. Qualifications have become much stricter in the last couple of years. Be prepared to provide 2-3 years proof of income, assets and liabilities, and good credit bureau. The benefit of borrowing through Costa Rica banks is that once you are financed, this does not reflect on your home country credit rating.

Costa Rica has amazing golf courses with stunning views. Follow this link for more details on each course:

Golf World - Costa Rica


  • 50,895 sq KM
  • 119 KM at its narrowest point between Carribean and Pacific Oceans
  • 280 KM at its widest point
  • 160 KM between Nicaragua (north) and Panama (south)


  • Nicaragua to the north
  • Panama to the south


  • 4,576,562 (2010)


  • San Jose with population 315,909


  • 1.01 women : 1.0 men

GDP per Capital

  • $11,296 per capita (2010)


Costa Rica has 12 different climate zones, ranging from tropical to desert, high mountains and flatland. In the higher altitude coffee regions, it looks very similar to Europe with lush green grass, pine trees and crisp fresh air. In the northern Guanacaste area you will find a dessert feel of dry climate and less vegetation. In the south Pacific, you will find lush vegetation, lots of wild life, many waterfalls, beaches and rainforests. Costa Rica has something to offer everyone.


  • An average constant 82 degrees Fahrenheit / 27 degrees Celcius all year round. In the higher altitude areas, temperatures are cooler and more seasonal, however the coastline seems to be very constant.


  • Costa Rica does NOT have a summer / winter season.
  • Dry Season = December – April
  • Green/Wet Season = May – December
  • Rain = each area has different rain patterns, however, September & October generally produce the most rain and it is best to avoid this time as a tourist as the roads get a bit messy and traveling time is reduced quite a bit.
  • Sunrise 6AM – Sunset 6PM
  • As Costa Rica is close to the equator, sunrise and sunset remain pretty consistent throughout the year.

You will find that Costa Rica has an excellent reputation for providing great and cost effective medical care. It has become a destination point for elective surgeries for many North Americans. If you are interested in having elective surgery in Costa Rica, let us know as we have a list of reputable practitioners ranging from plastic surgery to dental.

Pharmacies can be found in almost every village. Many pharmacists speak some English as well.

Check here for current Visa requirements to enter and stay in Costa Rica.

Entry Requirements

National Parks: Cost Rica has protected 25% of the country through national and private parks and reserves.

Costa Rica abolished its military in 1948. It’s military bases were converted to universities. Costa Rica’s last civil war was in 1948. In 1987, President Oscar Arias Sanchez was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for ending civil wars in neighbouring Central American countries. Costa Rica has since been considered the Switzerland of the Central Americas for promoting peace to the other Central American countries.

Costa Rica is a peaceful democratic country. May 2010, Costa Rica elected their first female president, Laura Chinchilla Miranda. Her focus is on anti crime legislation to improve safety, and supporting existing free trade policies. As a conservative, President Chinchilla opposes gay marriage but sees a need for a legal frame to provide fundamental rights to same-sex couples. She also does not support abortion.

Laura Chinchilla Miranda

Coming Soon!


Many people ask us about hurricanes in Costa Rica. So far, no hurricanes have hit Costa Rica. However, there have been many spin off tropical storms. This chart shows you all tracked hurricanes.


Costa Rica has had a few earthquakes over the years. Most hit areas are the Central Valley with tremors felt all the way south to Osa Peninsula.

  • 1910 05 04 Cartago, Costa Rica M6.4 Fatalities 700
  • 1991 04 22 Costa Rica M7.6 Fatalities 47
  • 1999 08 20 Costa Rica M6.9
  • 2004 11 20 Costa Rica M6.4 Fatalities 8
  • 2009 01 08 Costa Rica M6.1 Fatalities 40
  • 2010 01 23 Costa Rica M5.0
  • 1010 08 10 San Jose, Costa Rica M5.9
  • 2011 05 13 San Jose, Costa Rica M6


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