In April 1994, we (Jerry & Anke Sedmak) traveled to Costa Rica for our 6 month anniversary. We fell in love with the tropical charm, lush vegetation, wild fruits and especially the kindness of the local Ticos! We fantasized about owning a holiday home in Costa Rica but we did not know who we could trust with such an investment when we lived in Canada, so far away?

Thirteen years later, we met the developer of Chontales, a beautiful property in the hills of southwest Costa Rica. All of our dreams jumped into gear. After several trips to Costa Rica and careful due diligence, we purchase a property and are building our custom rental home.

We travel to Costa Rica almost every month and have gathered a vast amount of knowledge, expertise and contacts. Now we teach you what you need to know to invest wisely in Costa Rica real estate.

We offer guided real estate and adventure tours to take you under our wing and show you how to live the Costa Rica lifestyle, how to look after the logistics of investing in Costa Rica and provide expert advice on many business and lifestyle topics.


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